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I'm Hanna, Filipino. Accounting student. I'M A S♥NE thats why this blog is mostly SNSD, i mean 99%.Yoona is my bias but i still post the other 8 angel's stuffs. I also edit GG photos and post them in here. ~ if you have questions feel free to ask! God bless! :)

graphics know me more


I don’t know if im being selfish, but I would much rather have snsd disband as 9 then to go on as 8.

I will always love you…
sm: [fucks up with tax evasion scandal]
sm: [fucks up with kris leaving]
sm: [fucks up with the baekyeon news]
sm: [fucks up with sulli's hiatus]
me: ok...but there's no way they'd fuck up snsd
sm: challenge accepted